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Shooting "Silhouettes"
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Magazine base
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Tactical clip for belt
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AH-HK Standard

The Automatic Holster(AH) for pistols is the revolution in the world of police. Once and for all they solve all the worries the police force has in relation to the fi­re weapon we carry during our service.

The main worries of the police officers are:
- My gun is stolen or I drop it.
- Cartridge in the chamber.

With the automatic holsters Automatic Holster, we carry the weapon totally safe, since it provides two different and totally independent retention systems and it is practically inaccessible to any other that the gun carrier, which helps us feel confi­dent in any situation.

The dilemma of whether there is a cartridge in the chamber or not is fi­nally resolved, if we own a Automatic Holster, just in one move the gun is drawn, the retentions systems are activated and the weapon comes out of the holster loaded in perfectly brandished in a very short time, even disconnecting the manual safety systems of the gun (if they were to be active).

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